Our First Community Meeting

These are the meeting notes from our first gathering on Sunday March 15, 2020

Firstly THANK YOU for your support. It’s ace.

Some points for you that were agreed at tonight’s meeting:

1) Confidentiality and discretion needs to be paramount. This group will probably end up being the place for us to coordinate logistics to help those in need. It was agreed we would set up some rules for volunteers around confidentiality, privacy and discretion. Please see the group rules for further clarification on this and an extra reminder to please keep discussions that happen in this group strictly private.

This group has been set up separate to the public village groups to ensure privacy.

If you would like to invite people to the group to act as volunteers please ensure they’re fit and healthy with no underlying conditions. Your health is of the utmost importance at this time.

2) Melling Parish Council members Lynn Rigby and @Daniel Hope will liaise with the council to see if any funding can be obtained to quickly turn around a leaflet to be posted to all homes in the village.

Gemma and James Duckworth to design the leaflet and get it signed off and approved by all by tomorrow Monday 16th March. We realise in order to even get anything printed that this may be a race against time but our most vulnerable may not have digital access to the internet and social media so a leaflet drop is a must.

3) An email address has been set up for any requests mellingvolunteers@gmail.com and Suzanne Cleary Franklin has said that the Jockey’s phone number can be used too as older people are wary of phoning mobiles. Lucie Brown has a phone number linked to her ipad that rings like a phone and accepts texts so she will share this number to be added to our flyer and digital comms.

4) In order to stop abuse and misuse of the service we will continue to appeal for donations and make it clear that this is NOT the Horse & Jockey menu being delivered for free but basic meals that will see people through hard times. Adam will of course make them amazing because he could make a single piece of celery taste like a Michelin star dish 😂

5) Adam has run a social initiative before called ‘Fed Up’ and will see if he can get hold of any slow cookers from his contact at Tesco to be distributed to those in need. Adam also has ingredient bags that can be made up for people to use in the slow cookers depending on what ingredients are donated. He can also live stream a slow cooker cookery demo if we do go into lockdown.

6) Volunteers will help distribute the flyers and if printed quick enough will be sent to Melling school to distribute to the families of the children at the school. If everyone agrees on the flyer, Gemma can provide school with a print friendly version that can go in school bags as quick as Monday.

7) Sue stressed that all volunteers must be fit and well to help. Any illness in their immediate household and volunteers should stay home and stay healthy. We must all ensure we look out for one another in these coming weeks.

We will not discriminate on area as many people come from nearby Kirkby and Aintree to The Jockey but we are looking to link with other pubs. The Pear Tree have a meeting tomorrow 16th March at 6pm.

9) If it comes to it, the Jockey has the capacity to prepare hundreds of meals but if demand is exceptionally high, meal distribution times may be time banded. We can create a rota of volunteers. In the case of a Government ordered lockdown, The Jockey will not be open to the public at this time and only for volunteers collecting meals to be distributed.

We agreed we would have a process of delivery where

– jockey liaises with volunteer on call
– jockey puts food outside in weather proof box
– volunteer collects and calls person in need giving them a password and estimated time of delivery
– volunteer arrives at person’s home and calls them with the password and tells them their supplies are at the door

This minimises contact completely.

Jockey will also put food storage, allergens and reheating instructions on the boxes of food. A few of us have supplies of latex gloves.

10) We must keep asking for donations from local people who are able to get out in order for this to be a success.

Anything else I have missed fellow volunteers?

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