Volunteers Meeting Notes 23/03/20

The Horse & Jockey Coronavirus Community Kitchen

We held an online meeting via Zoom to finalise delivery details and safety procedures.

Meeting notes:

Gemma has been out testing the deliveries tonight. 16 meals were sent out in takeaway plastic boxes with labels and allergen info, salad in burger boxes and cheese in wrapped paper holders. It was difficult delivering like this so it was decided in future, meals will be portioned for 1, 2, 3, 4 and put into plastic bags and tied making distribution easier.

If you are able to deliver with someone you live with (who is fit and healthy and does not fit the isolation criteria of over 70 or long term condition) this is advantageous as one person can navigate and call those we are delivering to while the other drives and delivers.

If you are delivering alone you will be asked to buddy up with someone who will liaise with you over the phone. The person back home will call the people receiving the food to let them know the person delivering has left it on their doorstep. The delivery driver and logistical person will be in constant contact ensuring we know where the person who is out is. Life 360 app was suggested by Sharon for tracking each other if we think that is feasible?

If when delivering you realise this person is in need of conversation please tell the buddy you are liaising with to mark it on the spreadsheet so we can do some follow up calls.

If you think someone you are delivering to needs medical help call 111, if you feel it is urgent and critical please do not hesitate to call 999 but remain at a safe distance, using your judgement and common sense in an emergency situation. The likelihood is you will not come face to face with people as you will drop off and go, but just incase you come across an emergency situation.

If you are still working through this or self isolating please let us know. How would you like to help?

We will confirm these at tomorrows online meeting. Sue, Adam, Dee and James to decide what works best for them.

This was practiced tonight and worked well.

Essential items:
– Hand sanitiser
– Latex gloves
– Mouth & nose protection (scarf or snood works in absence of face mask).

Desirable items:
– Disposable apron

Suggested process:
1)Gloves on & Sanitise phone, car key, steering wheel, controls, outdoor handle, indoor handle, gear stick & radio then use sanitiser gel on latex gloves

2) Drive to Jockey > cover nose & mouth >
Collect food from Jockey and place in your car
Hand sanitise gloves > close boot

3) Drive to first destination > liaise with partner on location, get them to call ahead and say food will be on the doorstep please keep 2m away
Cover nose & mouth > open boot
Leave food on doorstep > close any gates
Return to boot > hand sanitiser

4) Drive to next destination and repeat the process above in step 3

Lynn has sent details of how to apply to be a community hub. Lynn, Gemma & Adam/Sue/James to action.

One lady asked if we could collect her pension. Lucie stressed that we didn’t want to handle any money as this has Horse & Jockey as the hub centre and we don’t want to collect or be responsible for money. We will wait for guidelines from government on this.

For signposting to other services direct people to the mobile number 07971 004494 which is linked to Lucie’s iPad and she will liaise with people to get the answers they need.

It became apparent tonight that cooking large bulk meals from small pasta bags won’t work as different pasts has different booking times. Will look to get donations of larger bulk bags of pasta or may need some funds to purchase in the coming weeks.

An accountant who lives locally has offered to keep tally for us.

There are now two plastic tubs outside the Horse & Jockey were people can leave donations.

The success of this will be down to each and every volunteer. Some people are too proud to ask for help but please keep your ear out for those in need. We have all agreed on a 100% discreet and confidential service.

Is everyone happy with us putting a post on the Melling Community Group and Horse & Jokey page outlining who the volunteers are? So they know they have a friendly ear if they need anyone?

11am tomorrow March 24th.

Please let us know if you’re not well or anyone in your family is not well. You can still help out with buddying up with those out delivering.

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