VIDEO: What we are all about!

Volunteers turn Melling pub into community hub to feed the elderly and vulnerable during coronavirus lockdown A group of volunteers are putting the ‘family’ into community by providing meals for those isolated and in need of food and supplies during the coronavirus lockdown. It was just two weeks ago when Sue and Adam Franklin, landlordsContinue reading “VIDEO: What we are all about!”

Knowsley Food Bank and Support

Thanks to the awesome people at The Big Help Project for sharing this valuable information in the local community during the coronavirus crisis. If you are not in the 1.5 million people identified as at risk, if you’re under 70 and you’re able to drive then please consider using one of the local food bankContinue reading “Knowsley Food Bank and Support”

Volunteers Meeting Notes 23/03/20

We held an online meeting via Zoom to finalise delivery details and safety procedures. Meeting notes: DELIVERY INFOGemma has been out testing the deliveries tonight. 16 meals were sent out in takeaway plastic boxes with labels and allergen info, salad in burger boxes and cheese in wrapped paper holders. It was difficult delivering like thisContinue reading “Volunteers Meeting Notes 23/03/20”

17/03/20 Update from Adam Franklin

An update from Adam, Sue and the team at The Horse and Jockey 🎥 – why it is important to be part of the community right now– what our plans are with cooking meals– our safety procedures– the need for baby milk right now– we are open right now as our insurance policies won’t pay outContinue reading “17/03/20 Update from Adam Franklin”

Our First Community Meeting

These are the meeting notes from our first gathering on Sunday March 15, 2020 Firstly THANK YOU for your support. It’s ace. Some points for you that were agreed at tonight’s meeting: 1) Confidentiality and discretion needs to be paramount. This group will probably end up being the place for us to coordinate logistics toContinue reading “Our First Community Meeting”